How Yoruba Leaders Collected Bribe over Abiola’s deaths -Al-Mustapha ,Read Details …



Yesterday marking the 24th anniversary of June 12 annuled election, there was a disagreement between the Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Chief Ayo Opadokun over the death of Abiola.

Al-Mustapha alleged that Opadokun and other Yoruba leaders were bribed to be silent on Abiola’s death. He made the allegation while responding to questions by journalists in Kaduna, shortly after a gathering to broker peace between the North and Southeastern part of the country, maintaining that those responsible for Abiola’s killing were paid in dollars.

Ayo Opadokun

Al-Mustapha, who claimed to have video-taped how Opadokun and others collected a bribe over Abiola’s death, said he had since submitted a copy to a Lagos High Court presided over by Justice Mojisola Dada, adding that Opadokun led others to the villa to meet Abiola’s killers and eventually came out laughing after receiving dollars a day before Abiola’s assassination.

“When Abiola died, a day after, he (Opadokun) was invited to the Presidency, and he came to the villa alongside his friends. He came with anger into the villa. Those who killed Abiola invited him to the villa. At that material time, they came to fight the government, they wanted to set the country ablaze, considering the tone they came with. They went into the meeting, they came out laughing, yelling and gearing as if nothing happened in the country.”

But in a swift reaction, Opadokun, who is a former General Secretary of the Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, and one of the frontline activists in the fight for the actualisation of the June 12, said Al-Mustapha should not be dignified on the pages of the media because “he is merely seeking for relevance and attention.”

“Al-Mustapha has said this several times but he couldn’t substantiate it with any fact. He was tried for murder and I do not know why he is suddenly running his mouth,” Opadokun said.

In a swift reaction, Al-Mustapha said the only thing that can shed more light to what he has alleged Opadokun and other Yoruba Leaders for, is that Justice Mojisola Dada should come out and tell Nigerians especially the Yoruba race of what she and her team saw inside the tape he submitted to the court.

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