2019 Presidential Election… Turaki Declares Intention

The former minister for Special Duties, under former President Good luck Jonathan, Mallam Kabiru Turaki (SAN) has throw in his cap to run for 2019 Presidential election .
Turaki, who is a PDP Presidential aspirant and popularly known as KTT made his declaration yesterday at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.
Speaking on why he wants to govern Nigeria, the absolute politician stated it was his love for the country that made him to declare himself to run for the presidency and his intention to rescue Nigeria from the current mess. He said “The country need a very strong institution with a strong political will, experience and knowledgeable leader who is educated so as to restructure the country to a proper shape.
Nigerians are facing enormous challenges which need a robust person who will be capable to build a very strong relationship devoid of tribal, ethnic and religious sentiments.
The country has been turned into a place where people who have the opportunity of one square meal are not sure of the next one.
In this kind of situation, there is need for people to come up and that is why I am out to contest for 2019.”
He however described all the allegations labeled against PDP on corruption, as baseless
Nigeria, according to him, was one of the fastest growing countries which have been reduced drastically to the nearest minimum; “Nigeria now is among the poorest countries “he added.
The 2019 Presidential candidate maintained that, as a country which is blessed with different potentials, there are a lot of ways in which jobs could be created for the teaming populace.
In his visions for Nigeria, in 2019 if he is elected as president, he promised to revive Agricultural sector and as well support entrepreneurs and famers to boost their businesses through bank loans.
He emphasized “Nigeria, needs security, as such, we must bring back effective security to save souls.
89 millions are drastically poor In Nigeria, as against 76 million in India, economy must be strengthen , and corruption must also be fought without discrimination”.
He further lamented over the innocent souls who have been killed in Northern parts of the country forward on daily basis, describing it as pathetic.
Speaking further, the PDP presidential candidate made known that Nigeria has loss governance which must be revamp by a strong and experience leader.
“Innocent souls have been killed without any cause, and there is a president in this country, yet nothing is done about it, no investigation, neither arrest, nor prosecution.
Justice must be brought to this country in 2019. People should know that 2019 election is not about PDP but Nigeria.
Since it is about Nigeria, we shouldn’t miss the target.
I believe in restructuring, I therefore promise to take a bold step to restructure constitution serving as impediment.
Security is the key issue which will determine 2019 election, without security, life will be at stake. There must be justice which will give us peace “he promised.
On his experience, he said, he has served as Director, Bank of the North, and was a leading role when the bank was rescued from collapsing, he was also the Chairman National Copy Right Commission and Fellow of Chartered Institute of Administrators UK.
Also he was a Bank activist, Student Union activist, Chairman NBA, Former Governor of Kebbi State, Supervisor, Prime Minister of Labour and Productivity, among others

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