Winning Jah inspires me with his Grass to Grace Life – King Wadada

One of the respected and authentic reggae star whose real names are Kingsley Eno Osagie and popularly known in the music Industry as winning Jah. The Kano state born Reggae star whose music genre are root reggae, dancehall and Afro beat, at age of six in his earlier stage, he used to study music in his mother’s palace. Mrs. Stella Osagie founder of Eno records in early 60s in Nigeria, a traditional high priestess and also a singer, Winning Jah study the most used African instrument percussion known as Djembe, this instrument help him and laid a good foundation to his breakthrough, he travelled to Guinea, Conakry to learn more about the Madingo beats  from the drum legendary Mamady Kieta, he was in Burkinafaso and Kara from Kassoum Diarra the multi-talented instrumentalist musician did all this in 90’s late 90’s he left Nigeria to Italy for his music career and to seek for greener pastures but he couldn’t establish his music career at the beginning due to language barrier in 2000 Jah started his career, street music performance in Europe,. He obtained the Article 69 license for street artist performance to enable him work legally, he has performed in Berlin, Germany, London, Grafton street in Dublin, Ireland, Amsterdam, Holland Milan Italy, his drum became his intimate friend.  Winning Jah has inspires me about his music career says King Wadada, I know much about him not like things we didn’t know like some musician claimed they sold pure water, they were choirs, some sold plantain but no source of verification, I knew how the reggae star started and I can prove his effort in the music scene in Nigeria, he merit more awards in the Nigeria Music Industry, he did it himself like a magician one of the most respected musician with a million successful stories untold, am not talking about cheap titles like Mama Award and others I am pin pointing the impact on how his music transformed people’s lives in today music. Winning Jah was inspired by Peter tosh, Chaka Demus, Majek Fashek, Bob Marley and Fela Anikulapo Kuti, these artistesinfluence him to pursue his Rastafarian mission, he converted to Rasta African religion in late 90’s and today winning is one of the best and prolific Reggae star in Africa as his music speaks about injustice of African, like Human right and all social vices.His journey became notable with huge fans as he never stop dropping evergreens tunes. In 2016 he was sign to V.PAL parent label of the famous V.P records that has signed artistes like Sean Paul, yellow man, Gregory Isaac, busy signal and lot to be mentioned. He has released one debut studio album II tracks in 2006, a single titled C.Krit, he released a recent single this year January titled, Rude boy also released in March 2017 titled, Living fire, as an extract from his upcoming album fire Dise under V.pal music. Still working on collaboration with music icons to be released in due season, Winning Jah is a soul winner in 2008; he founded a nonprofit organization AmCID to sustain African children and disable people. He has won various humanitarian awards for best charity ambassador and solidarity music he collaborated with UNICEF in UK in 2015 to expose fake charity organization with his popular song “to whom it may concern” in Italy he successfully obtained license to sell food stuffs, he opened an African alimentary shop “Afro food market” in an old area of Pinerolo, province of Tornio city in Italy he became famous as he employed workers and performed in notable festivals and workshops. Winning teaches children how to play drums after school hours and weekends, he visits hospitals to perform drum therapy for sick person in Italy and other European countries.

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