How Lucky Oboh Defrauded Abuja-based lawyer of $28,500, ignored all his phone calls

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” ― Suzanne Collins . The wickedness of Lucky Eramo Samugana Obo…

The wickedness of Lucky Eramo Samugana Oboh who defrauded a generous friend(Abdulazeez Iriri Oyibo) who once helped him when in critical financial mess in America cannot be explained by any reasonable person.
Oboh went ahead to block him on social media and ignored all his phone calls and emails till today. This is the zenith of betrayal and confidence. Read the story below and judge for yourself…
Mr. Lucky Lucky, whose real names are LUCKY ERAMO SAMUGANA OBOH, Edo-state born US resident defrauded me of $28,500 and all efforts to retrieve my hard-earned money proved abortive till today.
According to the statement sent to Dare Lasisi Blog by the victim(Mr Oyibo Iriri) :
“Oboh even made me his next of kin in his Diamond bank account without my knowledge.
“Oboh even made me his next of kin in his Diamond bank account
without my knowledge.He tried all means to black mail me
I have snapshots of his conversation with his cousin with him bragging that I can go to hell because he is not going to pay back my $28,500.”
I was introduced to Mr. LUCKY OBOH by his cousin residing in the United Kingdom who had spoken highly of him as far as trustworthiness went.

Fake cheques issued by Oboh
In June 2015, I visited LUCKY OBOH who resides at 1978, Pinehurst CT View Grayson, 30017, Atlanta GA USA, at his residence to solicit his assistance in the purchase and export of vehicles and other household goods for my children.
We discussed the cost of purchase and shipment of a 2012 RX350 Lexus and 2006 Jetta as well as other household goods/toys and arrived at the sum of twenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars.
I promptly paid ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to him and made another payment of eighteen thousand five hundred dollars ($18,500) when I returned home to Nigeria.

Copy of Iriri’s money transfer receipt to Oboh in America.
Mr. LUCKY OBOH acknowledged these amounts and promised I would receive the shipment by august 2015 but never made good his word.
I decided to investigate if the purchases were actually made by calling the numbers on receipts he sent to me from under-priced furniture showroom and was informed he never made any payments nor received any furniture from them.
This piece of information got me worried so much I told him I was coming down to see what was happening.

On arrival in Atlanta, Mr. LUCKY OBOH refused to acknowledge my presence until he was pressed by a mutual friend I accidentally bumped into on the day of my departure (saving grace) after 4 days.
We discussed the issues and I informed him I either wanted back my money or he provided me with evidence of purchase and shipment of the aforesaid vehicles and household items.
He proceeded to issue me a dock receipt and bill of sale agreement on the morning of my departure which I discovered was also bogus as the shipment never came.

Lucky Oboh is now a wanted person by InterPol.
I attempted to contact him about this but he had totally blocked me off all mediums of communication.
I reported the matter to his cousin who has attempted to reason with him on many occasions but has since discovered that Mr. LUCKY OBOH is hell-bent on swindling me and not returning my monies.
With this development, I was compelled to hire a lawyer in the United States as well as report the matter to Interpol whose investigations forced him out of hiding because his primary guarantor for his bank account in Nigeria was accosted concerning his whereabouts.
Mr. LUCKY OBOH immediately provided my lawyer with four post-dated checks which have since bounced.
The matter is currently in court in Nigeria and I am also pursuing it in the United States but would want to ask you to weigh in and assist me if you know this individual.

My family is under immense pressure because of the criminal behavior of Mr. LUCKY OBOH and I beg you to help me bring him to reason as all I want is my money back.
Please help me pass this along until it gets to that person that he will care to listen to.
So far my investigations have revealed that he has taken two other people for more than twenty-five thousand dollars and these people were his childhood friends that he has known for more than 30 years, so this should come as a warning to you too to be careful dealing with him as I will not want any other person to go through what I am going through.
Everything I have said here can be verified by documents and the affected parties.
As a lawyer I know the implication of my utterances and declaration and will not make an unsubstantiated statement of this nature if it wasn’t true.
Mr Oyibo further stated that he acted as a guarantor for Mr Oboh when he wanted to purchase his first apartment in America but he was later betrayed by his wicked and callous attitude.

N.B : We are patiently waiting to hear from Mr Lucky Oboh to state his own side of the story since last year but all efforts proved fruitless.He must pay back $28,500 or get in touch with this Dare Lasisi Blog as urgent as possible.

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